Saturday, December 06, 2008


Yes, I'm back at LAX! This time I'm waiting to board my flight to Dallas, TX. I'm attending an old friend's memorial service. I feel so tired physically. I just finished an 8-hour retreat yesterday at Malibu. It was so rewarding an experience but I can feel the exhaustion because I'm sleep deprived. Today was another early wake-up time for me as I had to go to Loyola to teach a one-day class on Nouwen. Again, the whole thing turned out to be a super blessed time but I get this feeling that I'm almost about to fold up. Makes me seriously wonder whether I can hack another day without adequate sleep. But I needed to make this trip. My friend who died suddenly was someone I shared Christ with and mentored some 30 years ago. I felt real bad that I did not even get the chance to speak to him before he went into coma. Willy (yes, my namesake!) died peacefully last Wednesday. I wished I could've visited him before he passed away. I learned about his death just as I landed at LAX from my recent trip to Orlando. I barely have gotten over my jetlag and here am I making another trip again---and right after two consecutive Nouwen events. I'm grateful that God carried me through both events despite my weariness. Hopefully, I can recover from this seemingly crazy schedule next week. God's grace is sufficient and I'm claiming that. The joy of the Lord is my strength! Oh how I need to experience that at this very moment. I know I will!

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