Sunday, December 28, 2008


What a way to clinch this year - a year-end retreat in Santa Barbara with my old and newfound friends! I must say that the whole time I was there, my feelings were fluctuating and seemed to be swinging back and forth - between joy and sadness. For the most part I was really overwhelmed with grateful rejoicing ... thankful to God for wonderful friends that my wife and I are privileged to have. As I looked around me during the retreat, I couldn't help but feel blessed by the presence of very supportive friends, true spiritual companions on the journey. Yet at the same time, I couldn't deny the tinge of sadness realizing that many of these friends would no longer be a regular part of our circle because we are leaving our church community very soon. I realize that they'll still be around and we'll still be around ourselves but things are definitely going to be different. I have to learn to live with that "difference." I savored every moment of our conversations together. They were so rich and rewarding. My heart was so warmed by their kind words of support and encouragement even as my wife and I embark on this new road ahead of us. Truly, our time consisted of "holy conversations" - the kind that could only happen when hearts willingly and openly "companion" each other in a sacred sort of way. I am a blessed person! I eagerly anticipate a more blessed new year with an even more expansive community that I believe God would open up for us! I just know!

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