Sunday, August 02, 2009

Talk About Spiritual Direction

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wil hernandez said...

Since we're on the topic of spiritual direction, I'm posting this to let people know that one of the most fulfilling things I do in ministry is to accompany others on their journey. After doing this ministry for the past six years now, I finally am settling down to a private office located in Pasadena where interested folks can see me for direction (see the info details on the business card).

If you happen not to have any direct, personal access to a spiritual director in your particular area, you may wish to try engaging in spiritual direction session via phone. The Henri Nouwen Society provides this opportunity and I am one of the approved spiritual directors working alongside them.

If you wish to get in contact with me for a spiritual direction appointment via phone, please go through the Nouwen website first and you will find all the information you need to get started: