Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random Thots

I'm here at LAX and it's about 9pm, an hour before I board my flight to Orlando. A month and a half from now, my life is about to take a different turn. Effective Jan. 15, I'm resigned from my position as Director of Community Formation at Evergreen Baptist Church, our home church for the past five years. It's a mixture of sadness and anticipation - that's how I've been feeling lately when I think about saying goodbye to the church, and most especially to our close friends. I made this hardnosed decision convinced that God is indeed redirecting me in terms of ministry focus. I'm leaving a job that has provided me with some steady income for a new direction that still has a lot of unknowns surrounding it. But I can see a foretaste of what is to come gauging from the many open doors I am slowly witnessing. I have this deepening conviction that God has called me to really invest much of my time and energy promoting the spiritual legacy of Henri Nouwen through continued writing, conducting classes, spiritual direction,retreats,workshops, seminars, etc. There's this indescribable feeling of fulfillment each time I find myself doing this kind of work; it's as though I'm called to do just that! For the most part I do experience peace of mind and heart that I'm treading the right path but I'd lie if I didn't admit that I had my moments of doubts too, especially where the issue of stability, financial stability crops up. But, I'm already burning my bridges, so to speak, and there's really no turning back anymore. God's not brought me this far to let me down. I'm making the choice to trust God all the way!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Orlando Trip

I fly to Orlando tomorrow night and stay there for a few days. I'm gonna be working with Joel Dasalla, my friend in Orlando, who was responsible for designing the beautiful covers for my two books. We will be designing some promo ads for my latest book Henri Nouwen and Soul Care: A Ministry of Integration.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Nouwen Retreat at Malibu

I'm looking forward to next Friday as some 20 of us gather at Serra Retreat Center in Malibu for a day retreat.